So what are you suppose to write here? What do you want to know about me?

My name is Jo, I’m based in South East Kent, UK, where I live with my mum Sharon and my monster of a cat Magick.  I drink a lot of coffee, am partial to a nice bit of cake and am completely obsessed with all things sparklie.

Work wise I am a ex nurse who’s currently battling severe health issues of Epilepsy and Cluster headaches. Recently other issues too but thats a new story (maybe something to blog about!) .

When forced to give up work I set up a charity to help those like myself with severe Epilepsy…. That has taken up a lot of time as well as craft which I love! (there will be a lot of craft things here!). I will link  my charity here……  www.TeamJo-Epilepsy.org

I am not new to blogging as I have blogged about life and health issues for over 15 years now… though much of my earlier work when I was a teen I never published and is still to this day set to private.

I am however new to blogging about other things… I was encouraged and told by one of my best friends that I really should start a craft blog. It took much persuasion but I am finally here. Though this won’t be solely a craft blog. I have decided I just want to share my life (which does include a lot of craft I must admit).

So here is my craft and life blog. I would be really grateful if you could subscribe, look through my social media links and like those too. I would love to grow this blog into a family of people.

Welcome to “Living The Jo Life”

With Love