I need help & Giveaway


So I have been helping some friends make their online side of the business (a dentist) be more prominent. That has meant a lot of hours on the computer – a lot of them from bed… as lots of you already know I spend a lot of time here as ive severe epilepsy and cluster headaches (which suck) but I don’t let it get to me if I can help it.

Anyway I really want to build a list of people who are happy for me to email them educational information, offers and pretty much that is it but I need happy volunteers.

I will be doing a giveaway when I get 100 on my list!


  1. Sign up (all I want is your email address and name)
  2. Share this link and willingly get people to sign up to my list – tell me how many people you have got to sign up and I will add your name into the pot that amount of times!
  3. and a like on this blog wouldn’t go a miss either!

For a extra bonus point you can also me on instagram @livingthejolife

So the list I want you to sign up to is this so just click >>>>>>>>>>>HERE<<<<<<<<<

This General enquiries list – it will be full of information on things which are interesting about dentistry – educational games you can share with children – nieces or nephews, competitions and all sorts for you too!

So a big thank you in advance to those who will support me by helping me to do something good. it may sound silly but to me it means something.

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