UK Slime Recipe

UK Slime recipe for all of those brits, like me who have been searching.

So there are loads (and I mean loads) of videos and recipes about on how to make slime, however the majority of those are American. This may not sound such a bad thing, however from experience of trying these recipes in the UK it doesn’t seem to work. Our ingredient brands are different, and the strengths are different. The borax they have is not the same (and I mean who wants to put what can be harmful to some chemicals into slime anyway?).

I spent ages experimenting with different ingredients and I finally found the correct combination for UK slime fans. Weather you use it as a toy for your children or a stress release, this recipe is for you.

I am also doing a video version of this tutorial so check out my youtube channel HERE.

So you will need (make sure you get the same brands as oddly enough it does make a difference – I tried and failed on ALOT of slime before I found the correct brands).

  • PVA craft glue (From the works)
  • Gillette shaving foam.
  • Optivive moisturising eye drops (chemist)
  • Wilsons’ food colouring (Hobbycraft)
  • A bowl, spoon and a pot to put your slime in when your done.



So How do you make it? Its really simple and only takes a few minutes.

  • Squirt the shaving foam into the bowl (I used a good heap of it, it depends how much slime you want to make)


  • Add in the PVA glue and mix it together.

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 10.25.15img_1512.jpg

  • Add in the food colouring (not too much or it will come off on your hands!) mix It all together.


  • Now slowly add in the eye drops (you will need a fair amount however add slowly because if you add too much the slime will not be as stretchy. The eyedrops act as the “Activator”


  • Keep mixing until the slime starts to come away from the bowl.


  • Next get your hands in the bowl and work the slime until it becomes the texture you want it to be.

You are done! Slime in about 5 minutes.

You can add things like glitter if you like but for this tutorial I chose just a plain purple slime.


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