La Riche directions hacks

I’ve been dying my hair with la riche directions for over 10 years now. You could say I’m a bit of a hair dying addict!

It all started with just one colour on the ends, kind of like a ombré look – but this progressed to my whole head, to 2 colours and now I often switch between 3 colours and 6! Yes you read correctly, 6 colours!


Purple is definitely my main colour. I mean this all started with me dying my hair as part of Epilepsy awareness. For those of you that don’t know, I have severe uncontrolled Epilepsy and you can read more of my story about that HERE: . Anyway that was the beginning of my hair dying journey. It looked something like this:

Since then I’m pretty much known for my Epilepsy awareness advocating and fundraising and my colourful hair. It’s my thing. The best bit is when the people who I think are most likely to hate it come over to me and say how much they love it. It’s quite surprising really. There are obviously people who think and say the opposite but  they are generally trolls on social media and so I ignore them. I love my hair and so i don’t care if others don’t. I’m happy with my image and style.

I had up until wanting a brighter purple been using boxes of dye, and I do love a good box dye but I was finding that although they do a good job, they just don’t give that bright ‘alternative’ purple look to my hair that I wanted and they definitely dry your hair out. I searched online for a more gentle dye and that’s where I found La Riche Directions. If you haven’t used them before (regardless if you’re wanting purple  or any other colour of the rainbow) you should.

The dyes come in 36 shades from Pillarbox Red to Alpine Green to Flamingo Pink and not forgetting Plum and Lavender! In addition to that you can actually mix the shades together to create your own custom colour. They’re vegan friendly and not tested on animals. Their range even includes a range of toners and special colour protecting shampoo and conditioner.

The colours all come in a little 88ml pot which you will look at and think it’s not enough but it goes further than you think. I have long hair that goes half way down my back and It takes 3-4 pots which is pretty good. The dyes are ‘Semi Permanent’ but are long lasting and mine generally stay bright for around 3-4 months at which time the colour is fading and my hair has grown so the issue is more my roots.

I get my colour from amazon here:
Click on the image to go to page

What I love about la riche Directions dyes is that they’re conditioning. My hair feels the best condition ever, much better than when my hair was natural even. I do bleach my hair as my natural hair is dark brown/black and to get the brightness I need to bleach first. However la riche colour is so conditioning once Ive coloured over the bleach my hair is back to great condition. I was scared about bleaching at first but I need not have worried, today I bleach and colour confidently with no worries at all. La riche also sell bleach in their product range as a kit. There are 2 different strengths a 30% and a 40% so depending on how dark and in what condition to start with that your hair is in you can choose which strength is best for you. On their website la rich recommends which to use and I have screenshot that chart for you here:

Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 11.46.11

Each kit includes powder bleach, cream peroxide activator,  a pot, gloves and a brush. I do recommend getting the la riche bleach in oppose to other brand bleach on your first try.

You can find the bleach here

30% volume 

40% volume

The application method is really easy. (IF YOU NEED TO BLEACH YOUR HAIR DO THAT FIRST AND FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS IN THE KIT) To apply colour simply…

    1. Wash the hair with a PH balanced shampoo (This although optional is recommended) La riche sell their own pre colour shampoo which I’ve tried and works great. I do miss this step out sometimes and the results don’t vary too much although the colour seems to last longer when I have use this. 


  1. Dry hair either naturally or with a hairdryer.
  2. Apply colour with a brush, making sure to go right to the roots. As you brush it in it will go a little frothy which is fine. It will take practice and I recommend 2 mirrors and maybe a extra pair of hands from a friend on standby for your first time. After a couple of times doing this you will be a pro and able to do yourself.
  3. Once your hair is covered with the colour leave in for between 15-30 minutes depending upon how bright you want your colour… I normally leave mine in for the full 30 minutes. If you have a shower cap you can cover the hair with this and it will retain heat and therefore develop the colour quicker, however I just leave mine open.
  4. Thoroughly rinse Directions out of the hair with warm water. Ideally, do this away from the face and body (not in the shower as you may end up with a multicoloured body! ).
  5. La riche now say to dry and style as normal however I normally do add a little shampoo and wash my hair as normal.
  6. Then dry and style and you are done!

So what are my suggestions, hacks and tips for dying your hair?

Buy some gloves. They do not come with the dye but id definitely recommend getting some. They are really cheap (I get mine from the pound shop) and are well worth getting as it will save you having brightly coloured hands which take a lot of cleaning!

Have a hair dying towel and clothing. These dyes stain like CRAZY. That’s why they’re so good at lasting. You will struggle to get this out of your hair let alone if you get it all over your beautiful white towels and your nice t-shirt. Find a old towel or 2, grab some old clothes that you don’t mind if they get covered in dye that won’t come out (I have a set which I wear every time I dye my hair and also a old dressing gown. Prepare your environment with some newspaper when you have open pots of dye standing around.

Wash your hair prior to the dying process. But do not condition. Conditioner covers the hair in a silky layer and you do not want this… you want your hair to be dryer so that the dye will soak into the follicles.

The lighter the base you start off with, the better colour pay off you will get and more true to the shade you see in the tub you’ll get. I always bleach my hair as my natural hair is dark brown/black and with bleached hair I get a really vivid colour. Obviously if you already have lovely blonde hair you won’t have to do this at all!

Make your own shades La riche directions do come in a range of already made pastel shades but to save you money in the long run, invest in the colour you want and dilute with any white conditioner to get the same result but for less money. So for example if you want a lilac colour then buy the dark purple and then dilute with the conditioner – the colour goes further and you get the colour you want.

Store correctly They suggest any left over dye lasts between a month or two but I actually had some I forgot about left over from just over a year ago now and I’ve used this on my hair now with no problems. If your really worried then test a little and if it works your ready to go!

Don’t wash your hair every day. I am against this normally anyway as washing your hair every day takes out the natural oils and your hair needs to produce these to stay strong and in good condition. By washing your hair every day you don’t only damage it but if your colouring your hair then it will fade really really fast. If you have to, invest in a dry shampoo. Wash your hair every 4/5 days with a colour protecting shampoo and conditioner.

Don’t straighten too hot. If you use hair straighteners then be careful and don’t use the top setting – if you don’t already then swap your straighteners for ones that have a temperature control and keep them below 100oc

Top it up. If your colour does start to fade then add a little colour to your conditioner when you wash your hair every couple of weeks.

Watch it for running. Sometimes newly coloured hair can bleed when wet, so ensure hair is completely dry before sleeping or wearing light coloured clothing. I normally sleep with a towel over my pillow if my hair is wet.


I hope you have enjoyed this blog and that it covers enough to make you apreciate how amazing la riche directions hair colour is. I will say that I am in no way linked to la riche and I have not received anything in return for this review of their product. I do have a amazon affiliate thought and so if you are going to purchase any products mentioned I would be really grateful if you can click on the links in this blog. It helps me to try out new things for you.

Happy colouring !





*DISCLAIMER – I am the author of all content featured/ any content published on Content on this blog does not reflect the views or opinions of any other person but myself. These are my opinions and experiences of dying my hair for over 10 years but should not be taken as professional advice and I am not responsible for any problems related to these products or methods. If you have any queries these should be directed at a professional hairdresser or the manufacturers. 

3 thoughts on “La Riche directions hacks

  1. I have used your pink bleaching box crazy somwthing , & i have dark hair, and the 2nd time ive ever used bleach i don’t kno if it was the person who done it for me as the first time, was great.& lasted3/6 months , 2nd time , ma hair bleached but it went all dry & brittle , and I only have dyed my hair 2 times in ma life, and im 45! Thanx , i always use your hair products poppy red etc & bright purple , but I want ma hair bleached again what would you recommend.


  2. Please recommend what bleach to use as i dye my hair but only bleached it twice in my life , and I dye it all the time but i wasnt sure if it was the person who done it for me, anyway the one i used was pink packaging and I just want to know what’s the difference between crazy colour bleaching kit 30vol & 40vol?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Fiona. The colour products are not mine they are “la riche directions” products I just use them.
      To cover myself I have to say: The following information is just my thoughts – I am no professional and not responsible in any way if anyone chooses to act upon them or not.
      the product your describing is crazy colour. I myself would not use this product and would stick to La Riche directions (you can find it online just by typing in La Riche bleaching kit)
      The difference between 30% and 40% volume is the strength. The normal rule is the darker tones of hair you should use 40% and lighter tones 30%. I always use 40% as my hair is naturally dark brown heading to black… HOWEVER if your finding your hair is becoming brittle I would say either let your hair grow out and trim the ends before bleaching again OR ago for the 30%, you can keep checking on the colour in the mirror and sometimes it’s best to condition it after – leave it on for 5 minutes and then bleach using the 30% again the next day if you still need lighter colour.
      It’s a long process if your hair gets brittle.

      Some people’s hair will react differently to bleach than others. Mine is quite happy with it although I do treat it well – (extra conditioner – leaving conditioner on the ends for 5 minutes every other wash before washing it off. I rarely blow dry my hair or use heat products and I only wash my hair once – at the most 2 times a week).

      The brighter colours are a lot of work to get but are great. I would say be careful if your hair is brittle though – bleaching is not the best treatment for hair – I know I’m very lucky as I’ve been doing it years now. If your worried it maybe worth waiting that extra couple of months to let it grow enough to give you that extra length to trim the broken ends as they are normally the worst.
      Good luck and I really hope this helps. Let me know how you get on.


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