January 2018 digital background

Happy new year to you all ! here is your digital background to start off your 2018. I thought it would be a good idea to start the year off with a clean looking background for your digital device.

Feel free to once again download the image for your device. I will add however that these I have made up using my personal time for you all. Please do not re-sell them or pass them off as your own. I love sharing things with you all for free. Please do the same.

So without further a do……

desktop January 2018
IPhone 5:5s:5c
IPhone 5/5s/5c
IPhone 6:6s:8
IPhone 6/6s/8


IPhone 6plus:6splus:8plus
IPhone 6plus/6splus/8plus
iPhone X_1
IPhone x


iPad 3:4:air:air2 + iPad mini 2:3:4
iPad 3/4/air/air2  + iPad mini 2/3/4


iPad Pro_1
iPad Pro

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