Mug cake tutorial

So for my birthday I got a unusual but perfect gift. A lovely mug which was extremely cool, it changes colour with heat and also a packet of mug cakes!


This is the first time i’ve come across mug cakes and therefore I thought id share my journey with you.

The method is really easy and all you need extra is milk and a microwave. I have also done a video tutorial on this which you can watch HERE (don’t forget to like and subscribe to me on youtube as its totally free and you will get notifications of all future posts if you also click the little bell icon).

Now I couldn’t use the lovely mug I was given as it was non-microwavable and so hence this shows a different mug.

* First empty the contents of one sachet of cake mix into a standard size mug
(approx. 250ml volume) 


* Then add 3tbsp (45ml) semi skimmed milk (I didn’t have semi skimmed so used normal full fat milk and this worked fine.


*Mix well with a fork.

*Microwave on full powder for 70 seconds (800W) / 60 seconds (900W).

*Drizzle one sachet of strawberry sauce over the top and leave to stand for 30
seconds before serving.


That is all there is to it! They were really tasty and I would definitely recommend having them in the cupboard as a quick easy cake!


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