Dolls house renovation part 3

Welcome back to my fun dolls house renovation blog series.

Im really starting to get into this renovation now, Ive organised my work area, which due to the dolls house size is part of my conservatory! I now have all my tools in one basket and things like wood, doors and windows in another. My dust sheets fit neatly on top to protect the baskets contents when they are not in use.

So the last dolls house blog we spoke about tiles and I was about to paint those. Before I painted the roof I used all purpose filler and filled in the gable ends so there were no holes where the tiles and buttons ended. I used wooden strips of beading as the ridge tiles and glued them into place.

I then used a tester pot of slate grey paint and painted the tiles and the ridge tiles. This would need many coats

Next I moved on to the exterior walls.

I was trawling for hours and hours over multiple days trying to decide on what I wanted the outside of my dolls house to look like. I didn’t come up with much as Ithoughtthat using those dolls house miniature brickswould take me about 10 yearsas not only are they expensivebut my dolls house is 3 floorshigh and quite large. I didn’t wantto use paper as Iwanted this dollshouse to be differentfrom the last one Idid and wanted to challenge myself.

I rememberedwhen Iwas younger that my dad used this stuff to make patterns on the ceilingwhile renovating our actual house…. turns out it is called Artex. This can be expensive but own brands are a lot cheaper andso Idecided this is what Iwanted to use.

I mixedit up and tried to apply it on a piece of scrap wood first… it didn’t look rightandso I experimented with different methods of applying it. Brush gave a look which was too smooth and didn’t look like normal house. Putting it on with a trowel meant it would become too thick. However applying it with a sponge seemed to give a better texture. The sponge are used was an old scourer. I then tried turning the sponge round and using the abrasive side.

This gave the perfect texture I was looking for.

It look quite awhile to cover the sides of the dolls house. I then moved on to applying it to the doors and the sides. I also applied a thin layer to the chimney pots. Before I did this I took the windows and laid them in place and then drew a line around them so that I knew not to apply the artefacts where I would need to stick the windows.

Once complete I let the artex dry for 24 hours. Once it had completely dried I sanded off the parts which where to fit or fat head over spell on parts where I didn’t want the other text to be. Once it was all night I used a tester pot of masonry paint and painted over the Artex… this actually took about three coats of paint to cover how I wanted it to. I then fixed the chimney pots in place.

Products used:


All purpose filler

Slate grey tester pot of paint

Weathercoat tester pot

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