Dolls house renovation part 2

Welcome to part 2 of my dolls house renovation series. I hope you found the last post useful. Please remember I love to hear your comments, both posted on the blog or when you email so do say hi.

Next I decided that I couldn’t wait anymore and so began the task of tiling the roof one tile at a time (yes I know I shouldn’t have done this at this early stage – but when your excited you do silly things).

I marked out 2cm lines so they would be evenly spaced.


Early on I figured that the excellent quality of these tiles was actually not going to work by layering them over one another as I had nothing to glue them to. So I decided that it needed to be done like a real house. I used strips of balsa wood I cut and made batons. I could then glue the tiles to the battons!



This worked quite well.

The buttons didn’t need to be perfect as they wouldn’t be seen.

When I got to the top I cut out space for the 2 chimney pots to sit as they were already fitted to the boarded part of the dolls house and would not fit over the tiles. I could then tile around these.


I had to buy another pack of the cedarwood tiles as there were not quite enough… They came through a different colour however this wouldn’t matter as the next step was to paint them. Anyway.

So the next step was a simple case of painting the tiles. I went to the local DIY store which in my case is Homebase and brought a cheap £1 tester pot of “slate grey”   This needed 2 coats as this was how the 1st coat was coming out…. 2 coats did the trick though and I had some to spare.


Products used:

  • Cedarwood Hexagonal Shingles which I Brought from amazon. I can no longer find the ones I brought however I can find the rectangle version which I will link below.
  • Homebase: Slate grey tester pot – £1.00


Dolls house tiles – Amazon £6.99


Please continue to follow my journey with my dolls house renovation. I will take you through step by step in a series of blogs as I go.

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