A bad day but a craft metaphor and lesson 

A bad day and a metaphor. I’ve learnt today that you don’t know a person by their words, but by their actions.being nice. I was professional and the adult. The other party – not so much. I thought of the situation like this…
In Pottery you start with a ball of clay… you are careful with it and gentle and kind, you mould it into a beautiful object wether it be a bowl for your cornflakes or a decoration… it will serve you for a long time. However abuse the clay, treat it bad, be rough with it and it will turn into a flop, a soggy mess that takes ages to clean up… this won’t serve you. You have in some way for whatever reason damaged the clay. It is hurt and will take a long time to clean up. To be made useful and to serve you again it will take pugging – sometimes a couple of times which takes work. It may come back or it may not. Time will tell if the clay is beyond repair.

Today I feel like that soggy clay. 

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