Book folded cracker

Book folding or bookarmi as I’ve heard it also called is the art of folding old books into beautiful sculptures. There are some amazing ones out there, but how about the likes of us that want to have a go but are not anywhere near the level to make such elaborate designs!? Well a simple book folding project is here for you!

Everyone likes crackers in my family. So when I saw this idea on google images I had to try and do one even though to hurt a book goes against everything that I was taught as a child! I like to think of this as not destroying a book but re-purposing a book.


You will need:

  • A old book (at least 200 pages for the flat cracker and 300 for the full cracker)
  • Scissors
  • A craft knife
  • Glue
  • And a lot of patience! ! ! !



First Remove the outer cover from the book.

Fold first page underneath in half and then half again. (THIS WILL BE YOUR TEMPLATE PAGE)

On that first page measure and make marks:

  • The middle point of the book.
  • The middle point from the outside to the middle on either side.
  • Then from those end points mark 1cm either side.
  • Connect these 1cm marks to the main point.

Also mark  1cm away from the spine

Cut up to the upside down V then fold back the sides of the diagonal.

Following this template of your marks you need to continue this method. The more pages the better your cracker. You can either have a half fold one which stands better on the table or do more pages to make a full cracker. I love the idea of both.

They do however make excellent place settings and even hold a sneaky scratch card for a bit of fun!


Let me know how you get on !

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