Dolls House Renovations 1

I was on my way to the dentist and outside a house on the opposite side of the road was a dolls house. Written on a piece of paper was “Free dolls house, please take”.

I had just renovated a dolls house for my nan – replicating her own house at the time. I really had enjoyed that project. Therefore when I saw this I had to have it.

Luckily I were early for my appointment and my mum and I piled this dolls house into the car. From the side of the road driving past it didn’t look that big. Once I saw the 3 story dolls house in the back of the car it looked a lot bigger than I expected. I was so excited. A new project!

So I thought I would share my journey with this as I go and how I manage to get renovate this really messy dolls house that was likely to go to the rubbish dump if I didn’t rescue it. In each instalment of this series of blogs I will put a list of the materials used at the end. I will also try and link in previous and future instalments. 

So I decided on a few things that I would like to do…. Though not sure if I would be able to achieve it all.

The first thing: I wanted to tile the roof with individual tiles.

2nd: I wanted to try adding lights

3rd: I wanted to build a nice fireplace from scratch

4th: I also wondered if I could have a open plan living, kitchen, diner. Though the layout was not currently like this.

Getting the dolls house home I stood back and looked, and for a while felt quite daunted but got to work.

I removed all the roofing paper as it was half way off already. I then took all the carpet out which was all covered in glitter glue and stains.


The first step was to smooth off the house and prep it for whatever I decided to do next. I sanded the whole dolls house and painted all the blue pieces with a white primer. It didn’t matter that there were brush strokes and for once I wasn’t worried about it not being neat. It was just to give it a good base for other paint and things to grip on.

I then wanted to make one of my dolls house dreams a reality and so I checked how the house was made and how the central stair walls were put together. I soon realised that they were glued with strong glue to the different floors. This was good because it meant that I could remove the ground floor walls which would make the open plan kitchen, diner I wanted. I then painted the inside ceilings white as the ground floor ceiling had sustained trauma from my saw. This was just cosmetic so the paint covered it.

I am still not sure what I am doing with the stair well on the upper two floors and so I didn’t paint these yet.

Please continue to follow my journey with my dolls house renovation. I will take you through step by step in a series of blogs as I go.
The materials I have used to get to this step are:

  • Macpherson Acrylic primer/undercoat WHITE. I already had this in my garage but if you want you can use emulsion. If you do want to go that extra bit and use primer you can buy the one I used on Amazon by clicking the image below.

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