Graze food subscription box & DISCOUNT CODE

So I’ve never had a good subscription box before, when I was contacted by Graze I was very interested as I love trying new food stuffs. The package came in a small cardboard box which can fit through most letterboxes. The box was held close by plastic celophane strips wrapped round it (looked better than it sounds)


I was out at the time it arrived andso I was a bit worried that the drop from the letterbox would have cracked or broken stuff inside, but all was ok. Even the sauce had not leaked or even made the packaging sticky – this is no mean feat as I struggle to get shopping home from the supermarket in a car without it leaking!

On opening the box everything looked in place. On top a leaflet detailing the ingredients and nutritional value of each snack including use before date.

Packaging design is good. It is excellent quality and 100% biodegradable which is a bonus. It also keeps it shape, secures the food inside with little cardboard partitions and has notes underneath the food to tell you how you can buy more of that product (for example multipacks/4xbigger/ more choice).



So over the next couple of days I got into the snacks and here is what I found.

  • Boston Baguettes:                                                                                                                               

I must say I was surprised with the tase of the bagettes, they themselves could have been a snack on their own I feel as they have quite a bit of taste. The relish was full of flavour. It had quite a strong taste of onions. Overall I think it is a very good savoury snack. Tastes are all different from person to person, however if like me you have no idea what Boston baguettes are of it you would like them I would say that if you like pizza with a strong flavour of tomatoes then this is for you.


  • summer berry flapjacks:

I love how graze have made all their products easy to eat. Individually in bite size pieces. This flapjack was equally cut into 3 fingers for easy handling.  These are very good. The berries are fresh and juicy however I could taste a lot of sugar crystals on the top layer of the flapjack – a bit like caramel. It was very nice but I’m not sure if this is what it is supoedto be like or not. I’ve only got the ones I make to go by as I haven’t brought a flapjack in over 15 years!


  • Honeycomb flapjack:

once again the flapjack was cut into 3 bite size pieces. It had a zig zag of chocolate which gave it a good look. I did find this very gooey and sticky. It was very sweet yet the oats seemed to tame it down once you begin chewing it more- the mix of all the ingredients together is excellent. Apart from ascetics I don’t really see the point in the chocolate squiggle – with the strong honeycomb and sweetness it just can’t be tasted. I think it must be purely decoration and it does look good.


  • Popping corn:

The popping corn came in a little sachet which I had to put into the microwave. It had instructions on how to do so…  I preceded with caution with the microwave timings however I need not be as the 2 minutes were perfect timing.

The first thing I did was check for in-popped corn, of which I did find some but not too many to find fault with.

The popcorn itself was very nice. It was a sweet popcorn however personally I felt it could be a little sweeter. That is though my only fault with this. I love the fact that by popping it yourself it is served fresh, hot and like it is in the cinema… with the serving bag too!

This went down really nicely as a snack while watching the Halloween edition of strictly come dancing!

So Graze have given me great discount codes for my readers. So with the following code you will get your 1st, 5th and 10th box completely FREE. All you have to do is click on the link to Graze and then enter the code JOM96YCNB at the checkout.                                                     If you are allergic to any products or do not like certain things, then do not worry. You fill out a questionnaire at the beginning of the process and then Graze will not add any of those products to your box.

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