Welcome! So whats this all about?

Hi Everyone,

My name is Jo (you probably guessed that from the name of my blog!) I love craft, Music (I play Flute, Clarinet, Oboe, Piccolo and am still trying to conquer the Trumpet!) I am a nurse, although no longer practicing as I have severe Epilepsy that myself and Drs have not been able to get under control despite the many medications and surgeries.  I live with my mum and my cat Magick who is a Siamese crossed snow Bengal so very large and very verbal. In 2013 I set up a foundation to raise money for our local hospital (Kent and Canterbury) to buy equiptment to help in the diagnostics and treatment of Epilepsy. You can visit my Team Jo Epilepsy Foundation and blog HERE.

However this blog is completely different. Writing a first blog is always daunting, to me it seems even more so as I am not talking about my normal subject.

Since my Epilepsy meant that I had to give up work I have been interested in craft activities and have learnt so much. Ive met a lot of friends who are also like minded and we share ideas and techniques. A good friend of mine has been encouraging me to create a craft and lifestyle blog for quite sometime now and I’ve been putting it off… until now.

Here I will be posting about life but mainly craft. Tutorials, techniques, products I think you may like and that I would recommend.  I have also set up a youtube channel dedicated to these subjects too so there will also be video tutorials available for those of you that find it easier to follow along with video than text.

I encourage you to like, comment and share my blog and appreciate your feedback on how I am doing as this is a different journey for me and so everything is new to me too.

I have seen other blogs do guest posts where another crafter will do a blog or a tutorial for me to add here and this is also something I would love to do so if you are interested in that please contact me either through the contact me page or at livingthejolife@gmail.com

I aim for this to be a place where we can share ideas, tips and techniques and that can be a resource for new and more experienced crafters.

I am not sponsored by any company and so the recommendations I give will be purely my honest opinion and I would not recommend anything unless I find it to be good. I am just here to share my experience with you. If you need to get in touch with me with a question? Flag a typo? or a link not working? (I’m human.) Send a kind word? (they’re always nice) or if you have something — perhaps a book, a blog — or a product you think I might like? Or want me to review something? Feel free to suggest it.

I have finally decided to take this plunge into the life and craft blogging world and Id love to get to know everyone. Tell me about you.

I hope you can all support me during this journey so please subscribe so that you get email notifications when I post up new things.

See you all soon


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